Please check the stock details and then click Send Inquiry bottom, and fill in your details.
We will estimate the CIF or C&F price and confirm the car’s condition(panel damage, mechanical condition, etc)
If you accept the price and the car’s condition, We will send the proforma invoice by e-mail.
Please make a transfer the full amount due within 3 working days after you receive the proforma invoice.
We will organize the shipment after receiving your remittance.
After shipment, we will send the shipping documents by EMS or DHL.
  • All deals are without warranty.
  • CIF = Cost/Insurance/Freight included.
  • C&F = Cost and Freight included.
  • FOB = Free On Board, Freight not included.
  • We estimate CIF/C&F up to your destination port.
Please confirm your country’s import regulations and laws first.
We are not responsible for any loss resulting from your country’s regulation.

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